Building Healthy and Agile Teams

Sa., 14.04.18, 02:00 - So., 15.04.18, 01:59
Ausführliche Beschreibung

We are living in uncertain times. Old hierarchies and ways of working no longer serve employees and the organization to adapt to and handle challenges, or to proactively drive innovation.

New concepts like agility or SCRUM have emerged to deal with these challenges. A latest McKinsey study shows that agile teams & organizations excel in both stability and dynamism, showing a significantly increased level of performance for financial and non-financial indicators.

But these findings also raise further questions: How can we transition to agile and self-managed ways of working? And how can we assure that new team structures and fast-paced processes don’t lead to burnout, but care for the health of each individual?

How to get more done and have more fun

In this one-day, experiential workshop we will explore the importance of deep & intuitive listening as foundation for team building, and engage with different communication and team building techniques to form strong, resilient, healthy and agile environments.

Raquel Ark, communication expert and founder of ListeningALCHEMY, and Alexander Fröde, coach for team building, agility and storytelling, will bring together the two worlds of efficiency and care. Participants will learn how to create an innovative and agile working culture that puts people first, and how to nurture and sustain this environment over time.

For whom is the workshop?

The workshop is an introduction for coaches, leaders and changemakers. It will be relevant for everybody who is responsible for creating or maintaining a supportive and innovative working environment, as a team leader, CEO or external facilitator. We also offer targeted follow-up workshops and support to implement the learnings within your organization. In this case please reach out to the organizers for further information.

Registration & Tickets
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The Facilitators
Raquel Ark 
Raquel is a communication expert, coach and facilitator. She is an American living in Germany with over 20 years’ experience managing, coaching, facilitating and teaching in the communication field both in academia and in the chemical industry. She has a Master of Arts degree in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication and is a certified professional coach. She is also an instructor at Fresenius University of Applied Science. She is also the founder of listening ALCHEMY, where her work is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources to help you master the art of listening which connects and inspires, taking your work to another level.

Alexander Fröde
Alexander is a coach and facilitator with over 20 years experience working with and in teams in adult education and landscape ecology, and over 10 years consultancy experience in the field of international climate policy. He facilitates workshops for teams using storytelling, agile methods, conflict management and transformational learning, and offers consultancy for organisational change management strategies. His passion is to create environments of joy, motivation and trust in which we can collaborate, grow and positively shape our society.

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