Tannenbusch Tour

Sa., 25.05.19, 13:00 - 15:30
Ausführliche Beschreibung

am 25.05.2019 ab 13:00 Oppelnerstraße 69

What is the heart of Tannenbusch? Its shopping center and high buildings, or rather its nature reserve (the dunes), numerous playgrounds and beautiful park areas?

Well… Join us on a tour and find out yourself!

And we have the perfect guide for you: Andreas Rauterberg is living in Tannenbusch for 18 years and both curious & knowledgeable about its history. Starting from the formation of the dunes 10,000 years ago up until the present moment ?

Walking time will be around 2 hours. And we will provide coffee before and after ?

We would love to welcome you on the tour! <3

The Tannenbusch Tour is part of our anniversary celebrations. On the same day we will offer a [Intercultural Childhood Game Afternoon] and will host Melchi at our [International Music Night].

So join in and let’s have a great day together!

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